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Reclamation Efforts in the Cobalt Area

Reclamation is the process of reclaiming lands disturbed as a result of mining activity, and returning those lands to a natural state, or a state where they are suitable for some other land used. Typically, reclamation efforts at a closed or abandoned mine may include the removal of buildings, equipment, and other infrastructure related to the mine, as well as the closure of tailings disposal areas and other mine features, and contouring, covering and revegetation of waste rock piles and other disturbed areas. The goals of reclamation are to ensure that the site is safe for the public and wildlife, and to prevent or limit water and air pollution from the site.

Over the years there have been numerous activities that have helped in the reclamation of the Cobalt area. Extensive waste rock piles have been removed, some of the tailings in the area have been covered and revegetated, and some of the sites have been cleaned up, including the removal of debris.

This section describes some of these reclamation efforts related to waste rock and to tailings a various locations in the Cobalt area. The discussion in this section is not exhaustive, since these activities have taken place over many decades, and not all were done to meet the goals now associated with reclamation, but to meet other goals.

Please note too that this section describes reclamation activities at sites with which the author is most familiar. Reclamation activities have also occurred at some other sites in the area, such as the Beaver Temiskaming site. Information on activities at these sites may be added to this section in the future.

Information about reclamation activites has been reviewed by staff from the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines to help ensure that this section is factually accurate. If you note any factual errors or omissions, please contact the author. Comments about the adequacy of reclamation efforts to date and recommendations for future monitoring and reclamation are based on the author's knowledge of sites in the Cobalt area and his own professional expertise in the field of mining and the environment. These comments and recommendations do not necessarily reflect the position of the Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines or other regulatory agencies.


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